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Please go to the training website to access information about the courses we offer and how to register for them.

McMaster University's Announcement on Re-Opening of Research: Phase 1

McMaster University posted information regarding on-campus and fieldwork research on Friday, May 22nd. 

The Animal Facility Research Phase 1 form is to be filled out and submitted once approval to begin research has been received by the ADR.  Please fill out the form and send it to

Rooms will have signs showing the maximum number of people (including Animal Facility Staff) allowed in the room at any time. All animal housing rooms and all Biological Safety Cabinets must be booked ahead of time.  Please visit the About Our Facilities page, and click on About Our Facilities on the drop down list to access the link to the booking sheet.

McMaster Animal Facilities Training

Please be advised that all in-person training has been suspended until further notice.  This site will be updated once training can begin again.

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This website provides links to forms, information, and resources about all animal facilities affiliated with McMaster University.

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